Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kate The Great

Finally reading Russell Brand’s second autobiography Bookie Wook 2  : P sounds cheesy BUT! his vocabulary is untouchable and the book is fucking hilarious, cant read it in public, makes me look properly crazy laughing in the midst of dead silence to myself. mmmm anyways, book opens with a dialogue about Kate Moss, so yes! A post to the greatest model of our century, never ever get sick of her : )  

"Not canonized Kate, not the Kate who can only be squinted at least her radiance shreds your mortal retinas, not the Kate who'd had God present at her conception, ushering through the holy sperm to the sainted ovum, where the orgasmic cries of her parents harmonized with the salutations of the choiring cherubim." p.7 

Juerguen Teller photographs Kate Moss

Kate Moss - collaboration with Longchamp for a handbag collection July 2010. Teamed with photographer Pietro Birindelli for a catalog photo shoot.

1994 Party 

"A beacon of beauty, a universally accepted sign of goodness as close to truth and glory as one could ever be without uttering a word." p.9

Kate Moss photographed by Juergen Teller for Self Service Magazine, 2010

SIREN, Marc Quinn, 2008
 a life sized, 18-carat gold sculpture of Kate Moss by British contemporary artist Marc Quinn that was promoted as the largest gold statue since ancient Egypt!

"Beyond the dreams of Pharaohs and Nazis there is an inaccessible gold that shimmers like a halo above Kate Moss. Is it her hair? Her aura? Her hair's aura? Her aura's hair? I try to drift past her nonchalantly, ignoring my own cacophonous swallows and ticks." p.8

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