Friday, September 2, 2011


was reading this list of worlds smartest people, or people with the highest IQs, and a lot of them are chess players. SO, in an attempt to make my self smarter, I have been playing a lot of chess in my free time. Goal is to beat dad....... I needs to find me a chess touter 
Kate Moss in a Juergen Teller editorial for Vogue UK

(R) Dorothea Tanning playing on a Max Ernst chess set. 
(L) Vladimir & Vera Nabokov playing chess in Switzerland, 1966

Giant Naked Chess ??

Hans Richter, Larry Evans and Marcel Duchamp in ‘Chesscetera: Passionate Pastime’ from 1956 by Arnold  Eagle

"Chess can be described as the movement of pieces eating one another...It has all the beauty of art - and much more. It cannot be commercialized. Chess is much purer than art in its social position. "

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