Sunday, January 27, 2013

head in the clouds, yes please.

A Night-Piece By Millet
Algernon Charles Swinburne

Wind and sea and cloud and cloud-forsaking
Mirth of moonlight where the storm leaves free
Heaven awhile, for all the wrath of waking
Wind and sea.
Bright with glad mad rapture, fierce with glee,
Laughs the moon, borne on past cloud's o'ertaking
Fast, it seems, as wind or sail can flee.
One blown sail beneath her, hardly making
Forth, wild-winged for harbourage yet to be,
Strives and leaps and pants beneath the breaking
Wind and sea.

"Wes’s World”
Kara Hayward & Bill Murray
Photographed by Jake Chessum
for Harper’s Bazaar.

DIETRICH WEGNER  "Cloud Sculpture"
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indoor cloud installation

Window Installation - Maison Herm├Ęs Japon
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“La Vitrina Cloud Collection”
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Opal Loop / Cloud Installation #72503 (1980)  photo by Babette Mangolte.

"Desert Clouds"
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