Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DEJEUNER DU MATIN. A poem by Jacques Prevert

Recently found the most perfect little poem by the French surrealist poet Jacques Prevert. 
Dejuner du Matin (Breakfast)  is only one of Prevert's many many beautiful little poems that fill his minnie poem books…. simple poems ….simple words, everyday experience, poetic perfection for me ….

Il a mis le café                                               He put the coffee
Dans la tasse                                                 in the cup
Il a mis le lait                                                he put the milk
Dans la tasse de café                                   in the cup of coffee
Il a mis le sucre                                           he put the sugar
Dans le café au lait                                      in the milky coffee
Avec la petite cuiller                                   with a little spoon
Il a tourné                                                     he stirred
Il a bu le café au lait                                     he drank the milky coffee
Et il a reposé la tasse                                   and he put down the cup
Sans me parler                                             without a word to me
Il a allumé                                                     he lit
Une cigarette                                                a cigarette
Il a fait des ronds                                         he made rings
Avec la fumée                                               with the smoke
Il a mis les cendres                                      he put the ash
Dans le cendrier                                           in the ash tray
Sans me parler                                             without a word to me
Sans me regarder                                        without a glance at me
Il s’est levé                                                    he stood up
Il a mis                                                           and put
Son chapeau sur sa tête                               his hat on his head
Il a mis                                                           he put
Son manteau de pluie                                  his raincoat on   
Parce qu’il pleuvait                                      because it was raining
Et il est parti                                                 and he left
Sous la pluie                                                  in the rain
Sans une parole                                            without a word
Sans me regarder                                         without a glance
Et moi j’ai pris                                               and as for me i clasped

Ma tête dans ma main                                 my head in my hands
Et j’ai pleuré.                                                 and i wept.

Jacques PRÉVERT, Paroles (1945)
©1972 Editions Gallimard

mmmmmm so beautiful....however i can see that my mood was quiet different when i came across this photo....its Christmas time now so....some happy breakfast photographs to follow : ) 
YESSSS Breakfast Time!  the best time for you, some nice photographs to inspire the following Christmas season breakfast mornings with the family and friends 
 Wildfox Couture Lookbook 2011 "The Untold Story of Miss Antoinette and Her Sister"

 Vanity Fair. Photographer Mario Testino. Model Kate Moss.

Edouard Manet. Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe (Breakfast in the Open Air). 1863. oil on canvas,  Expression error: Missing operand for *208 × 264 cm. Musee d’Orsay, Paris.

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