Monday, December 20, 2010

Understandings of Beauty

Psychology Today (November/December 2010) - "THE TRUTH ABOUT BEATY"
 magazine photograph by Art Streiber
A major difference I’ve noticed between North American and Latino societies, the importance and understanding placed on a woman’s physical beauty.
Sitting and reading this article in Psychology Today….and I think….finally very honest view (one you couldn’t pint in a fashion magazine) about why appearances really do matter, no matter how unfair or ugly it may seem. “The truth is, like knowledge, beauty is power.”
A fact I think North Americans seem to be less honest or perhaps just more conflicted about… seems taboo to preach and embrace the importance of maintaining one’s physical appearances,  perhaps it is viewed as anti-feminist … superficial    
So this article puts forth some very solid facts and arguments as to why a healthy understanding of women’s beauty is important. ---“one should neither pretend it’s unnecessary or unimportant nor make it important beyond all else” 
…..mmmm yes, sticky topic I think so, but fun to see how friends will take different stances on the topic! : )

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