Saturday, January 29, 2011

color theory

"They say she cannot wear the color red because it is too old for a young girl, that maybe she will be ready when she is near the end of high school. She knows that red is the color of passion, that a woman in a red dress is sultry, sensuous, that a women wearing a red dress had better look out. Red is a color for sluts and whores they say.  She is trying on yet another pink dress. They say she looks so innocent, so sweet in the color pink. Secretly she loves the color black. It is the color of night and hidden passion. When the women go dancing, when they dress up to go to the night club they wear black slips. They sit in front of the mirror painting themselves with makeup, making their lips red and rich. To her they are more beautiful in their black slips than they will ever be in any dress. She cannot wait to wear one."  Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood (1997)
 Minnie Mouses Vanity  

 Kate Moss by Mario Testino

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