Friday, January 7, 2011


American painter, photographer, appropriator, curator…..his series entitled Untitled (girlfriends) depicts “biker chicks” and their boyfriends on the road….all the images are re-photographed, cropped and appropriated from popular masculine, American iconography.
The original photos were set up and shot by the boyfriends of the “girlfriends” depicted.  Prince …. By re-photographing images and calling them his own, introduced a radically new approach of art making to the world…what is originality in today’s postmodern society?
Here below, Princes own series mixed with fashion editorials inspired by his work …

Abbey Lee Kershaw on the cover of Pop Magazines Spring/Summer 2010 edition inspired by Richard 
 Prince’s Girlfriend series

 Richard Prince. Untitled (girlfriend). 1993.

 The girls of the Battlestar Galactic cast in an editorial for Interview magazine once again inspired by Richard Prince

 Pop magazine editorial entitled “Easy Rider” featuring model Abbey Lee Kershaw

 Richard Prince. Untitled (girlfriend). 1993

 Vouge Hommes International editorial entitled “On the Road” with models Patrick Petitjean & Eniko Mihalik shot by Mario Sorrenti 

 QVEST #41. “Easy Born Wild Ride” Models Masha & Nadiya shot by Jason Lee Parry

 Richard Prince. Untitled 1999 Chromogenic Print

Editorial “You Ain’t Got Nothing But Nothing to Lose” with model Hailey Clauson shot by Jason Lee Parry

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