Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If I could pick an alternative Childhood…..well there are actually two that I have really idealized In my mind, but… of them ….I would say my preferd childhood would be……. Bad Ass City Kid!  
Trouble  Maker, Mischief Finder, wondering around, living in the streets with a group of best friends, just chillin and talking shit all day : )
How lovely that would be. They are always so nice to see, unsupervised….. normally groups of boys tho ….so maybe I would have to be a boy …..but hmmmm I don’t know might be cool 

Cover Magazine January 2010 model Snejana Onopka 

Photographer  Oliver Rath...recommend checking  out his website

 sneaky raccoon 

photograph by  Joe Bake. "blond girls" taken  feb.11 2009 in ny, ny usa

 Dazed & Confused Magazine Model Hanne Gaby Odiele Photographed by Max Farago

 RED spray 

 Indie Magazine Autumn 2010 Model Christoph Pirnbacher

 Vogue Germany July 2010. Model Keke Lindgard Shot by Knoepful & Indlekofer

  via 1000lostchildren

 Creem Magazine. “An Education” Models: Isa Melo, Isabelle Nicolay Photographed  by Daveyiphoto

 Vogue Italia Suggestions Dioni Tabbers & Sarah Stephens by Ellen von Unwerth


  1. YEAHH i know, i love it too ...just cant find the image source
    : S if anyone knows please let me know!